Welcome to Lilypad Studio

I am the Frog Princess of Lilypad Studio, but you can call me Amanda. I am a web developer and designer with key skills including PHP, SQL, RDBMS, Apache, Zend Framework, Blueprint Framework, Smarty, XHTML/HTML, CSS, jQuery and Photoshop.

I currently work for a London University as a developer for their open source VLE, Moodle, and I regularly contribute to the Moodle community. I have been working as a software developer for the past 8 years. I practice web design as a hobby in my spare time.

My experience includes eCommerce as well as HE and I have developed some large shopping sites driven by bespoke CMS applications. I have also integrated sites with a number of web API's such as Amazon, Google maps and Facebook.

I create sites for family and friends, and am available to take on the occasional freelance job. So please contact me using the link below if you would like to discuss a project.


This site is my latest project in progress. I have a very out of date CV site which I intend to update soon. The designs for that are my first artistic attempts and I have included them in my portfolio. But I like to think that I have improved since then.

The code for this site uses the Zend Framework and is based on the unfinished work of Pádraic Brady. You can download a version of it from this blog post. I have more time to blog since my cat, Betty, developed diabetes. So I have dedicated my blog to her. It is titled 'Betty killed my social life'.

Please enter and enjoy the random world of the Frog Princess - named after both my favourite song writer's lyrics and the fairytale.