Betty killed my social life


Betty 12 Month CT Scan

Posted: December 24th 2013

Yesterday, Betty underwent a full day of scans and blood tests following 12 months of drug therapy.


The good news is:

"We are pleased to report that a CT scan of Betty's head revealed that her previous pituitary mass is now within normal size limits."

However, she has lost a lot of weight in the last 2 months:

"Betty has undergone initial investigations into her recent weight loss. Betty's bloodwork results have so far revealed no abnormalities, but an ultrasound scan showed thickening of her intestinal loops. These results suggest that Betty's weight loss could be secondary to an intestinal disease. Possible causes for this include inflammatory bowel disease or an intestinal cancerous condition called intestinal lymphoma. Unfortunately, definitive diagnosis of intestinal disease often requires biopsies."

We are putting her back on her exclusion diet to see if that resolves the problem.

This made me worry that Namibia may be bad timing next year. However, I received an email today saying that I am not one of the winners, so it is no longer a consideration. Everything happens for a reason.

So Christmas 2013 is not full of cheer yet. Lots of tears today, but all will be good again tomorrow when I can make someone else smile.