Betty killed my social life


Betty is home

Posted: December 1st 2012

Last night I arrived early thinking I could spend 90 mins with my girl, but she had to be back on the ward within half an hour for a last glucose test of the day. I was really dissapointed, and then she had an accident jumping out of her basket. Her claws were trapped on a blanket, pulling her front legs back, and she nearly landed head first. Luckily her belly stopped her a bit! She growled as Ruth cut the offending article away and I held her. But she was soon purring on my lap for our short visit.

This morning I collected her at last. The vet on duty seemed to completely change demeanour between talking to me and collecting Betty. She looked like she had seen a ghost. She said 'oh, she's different with you'. Apparently Betty had shown her temper. Oops! Oh well if she is feisty then she has energy and that's good.

So she is home and happy. I am going to do her glucose curves at home. She needs one in a week to check that the insulin dose is still correct. Then she has to have another IGF-1 test in two weeks, and a glucose curve a few days before her next dose of the drug on Jan 4th.


She still seems very hungry but her coat feels much softer and less greasy. I still cannot believe that she is on 1IU of insulin x2. It's a miracle.

Time to find out the name of the miracle maker and get in touch.