Betty killed my social life


Crisis 2012

Posted: December 30th 2012

So this year I worked Christmas day and the last day (today). I had a wonderful time, but I probably would not choose the last day again - lots of cleaning, and sad goodbyes. I'm not good at goodbyes. I'm not that good at cleaning either. The ladies was left with a rather bubbly soap starred floor!

My key memories this time are Habib, who hears voices that disturb him, and just wants to be 'an average man'. Toothless, cider loving, Dennis the Menace, who wrote me a poem and wrote several other poems, which were all really just thank you letters to the volunteers he encountered. Peter, the amazing model maker, who constructed several vehicles he named 'planes, trains and automobiles' and flirted outrageously with the girls. But mostly, the hugs.

Touched once more by a unique and beautiful experience.

I enter 2013 with a happy heart, and a hard to manage furkid that I love to bits. My quote of 2012 is from Sue at Summerdale Veterinary Centre on Thursday 20th December, after explaining how to urine test my Betty:

'Amanda, did you used to have a life?'

Happy New Year xXx