Betty killed my social life


I laugh at my own jokes

Posted: April 15th 2012

I have spent the last 2-3 weeks redsigning and refactoring my site. I have improved the HTML5 usage but I still have to look at my forms and consider WAI ARIA. I have also learnt to use LESS and rewriiten most of my CSS using mixins and variables. All very exciting. But although I love to learn, this time I have found the greatest joy in my own joke!

I never liked my original design and always planned to update it. The main change is in the header and my new cartoon Frog Princess, modeled on the googly eyed frog logo. But it's Betty and her syringe that makes me chuckle. The expressions on their faces represents my new life. And I think it really looks like her:


I am going to cartoon Stan and Tallulah next.