Betty killed my social life


Karma malfunction!

Posted: January 1st 2014

Good things can happen to bad people and bad things can happen to good people. But karma seriously malfunctioned this holiday! Not only did Santa deliver me the no win news on Christmas Eve, I sustained a horrible steam burn serving tea to homeless guests! WTF!

My sister said I ruined Christmas. She and her family were really bored and looking forward to me bouncing through the door, full of the joys of my Crisis shift, as usual. Instead I came in sad faced, with my hand in frozen peas. Darren had to cut my dinner up after becoming completely frustrated watching me struggle with my left hand.

We attempted more joy on NYE. The three of us attended Crack Comedy Night at the Southbank. It was ace. The show finished at 10.15 but we were able to stay in the bar until 11.45 before stepping outside for a prime view of the fireworks. The cozy waiting area and the fireworks were the reason for booking the show. But as we watched the crowd swell alarmingly quickly outside, mostly filled with very drunk unsavoury types, we chickened out and ran away at 10.30. We watched a few sparks from Tower Bridge in the rain. It reminded me of my young days before the brilliant New Year Club founded, when NYE was always spent unplanned and aimless!

The New Year Club saw the millenium in at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. Other brilliant NYE's included Denmark, Queenstown NZ, San Francisco, Prague and Vienna, Venice, The Cotswolds. 

It's time to start a New New Year Club.