Betty killed my social life


Last day of the low dose drug

Posted: November 30th 2012

On Wednesday night Betty had one bout of diarrhoea. But she was fine all day yesterday. Her dose was reduced to 1IU and this is the dose she is expected to go home on. We had our daily cuddles for an hour and Becky said she had been very calm all day.

Betty can now go ahead with the next part of the trial. Today she had 1IU of insulin in the morning and her glucose levels have remained within the accepatable range for a diabetic cat. She will have her big drug this afternoon and she is allowed home tomorrow morning after one final glucose check.

I have ordered my own glucose monitor and made an appointment for a lesson in using it, with my vet. I want to make sure that if her insulin need changes through the month then I can act quickly.

I am off to see her in ten mins for my last visit before I get to bring her home. There is another cat in today for the day of tests, so fingers crossed for that little critter too.