Betty killed my social life


My first glucose curve

Posted: December 9th 2012

So yesterday I used the glucose monitor for the first time. I tested Betty's blood every two hours from 8am till 10pm. I messed up the first two readings, which is why I carried on until 10pm. Betty was pretty stressed by my amateurish attempts and probably also felt my fear. Her readings were high, approximately 24 - 30 throughout the day.

I have booked her in to have a curve recorded by the professionals on Monday. I just need to be sure that the home testing is producing accurate results. I'm disappointed with the high readings. These indicate that she is hyperglycemic. She did drink more water today. So if the levels are not stressed induced, then her insulin dose will have to be increased.

Shooting a needle into her ear vein was awful, and time has never flown so quickly as it did between the two hourly tests. I dreaded every one and bribed her with catnip drops. But I used to dread the insulin shots, and we got over that.

It took her less time to forgive me between each one.


I think we will still be spooning tonight.