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New heights for Betty

Posted: February 27th 2013

Betty has been off insulin for nearly 5 weeks now. Initially I had to test her BG before food and 2-3 hours after for two weeks. As the results did not exceed the thesholds of 8 and 12 respectively, the tests were reduced to once daily for the next two weeks. Alternating between before and 2-3 hours after food. I did a curve yesterday and her readings were 4.9 - 10.1.

She is off the enzyme supplement and her water intake has returned to normal. On Friday she has Dose 4. The RVC have requested a CT scan to see if there is any change in Betty's tumour at the 3 month stage. I don't really want her sedated unless it's crucial but I want us to be really good samples for the trial, to give Betty a chance of being extended on the drug. I am thinking that if we provide lots of useful data, and as she is one of two cats in remission, there is hope.

I feel as though I ought to be dancing for joy. If the drug were guaranteed to continue, believe me, I would be skipping along the street EVERY day. But it is a very weird feeling to have your dream come true with a best before date. I'm trying hard to enjoy the moment and I am angry at myself for struggling. But although I have the heart and soul of a live in the moment optimist, my pessimistic gene pool fights me every step of the way.

On Saturday, Betty reminded me to be thankful for the now. She reached new heights on the biggest cat tree in my house. I bought it two years ago and she has never been above the first level before.


The look on her face just said, 'so what? any food around?'