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The Man of my Dreams

Posted: October 28th 2013

Today I met the man of my dreams. Sadly he is married and out of my league!

Stanley developed Hyperthyroid in the summer. I immediately consulted 'Dr Google' for information, and found that as an alternative to pills, he could be nuked with Radioactive Iodine and potentially be cured. However, to qualify for this treatment, we had to ensure that his hyperthyroid was not masking any renal malfunction. To do this, he had to be stabilised on drugs and then have more blood tests to check his renal function.  

He started on 5mg of Felizamole once a day and was regulated immediately. However he did have bouts of vomiting and although I rarely saw him scratch, patches of fur were missing on his face. This, together with good blood results, made him an ideal candidate for Radioactive Iodine therapy at my beloved RVC.

The biggest set back of this treatment is the isolation afterwards. Today I took him in and I will not be able to see him again until I collect him in approximately two and a half weeks time. It will really tough missing him and knowing how nervous he will be. It is the first time he has been separated from Tallulah.

But I left him in good hands. Stijn Niessen is that man. Tall and Dutch with a mop of black hair. Not only is he just as funny and kind as all the Dutch men I have ever met, he is responsible for the Acromegaly clinic that turned mine and Betty's life around. I now have two angels at the RVC, Ruth and Stijn.

I decided against showing him my dating profile:


The last line says "My ideal man is a tall dutch vet with a flat belly and lots of hair, but only on his head and a big white smile. But nobody is perfect ;)"