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The Namibia Fund

Posted: July 22nd 2012

The Namibia Fund is supposed to be my savings towards my dream holiday:

It actually works as a bit of a slush fund. I have been saving hard for two years and it did reach 50% of target at one stage. But I draw on it everytime I get in trouble or over-socialise my monthly budget. I really want to make it there by 2014 at least. It's my only goal. Then it really will be the year of finding Amanda (TYOFA).

I researched loads before I chose this one and I found out to my horror that there are unscrupulous outfits around that front themselves as wildlife conservationists, but actually get a group of tourists out daily counting the same turtles, and do nothing with the results. Shocking.

The Namibia Fund currently stands at 7% of target. Look forward to a post of stunning wild cat pictures sometime in my lifetime.