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Delayed Cringe

Posted: March 7th 2012

Two months in and one to go. So what have I learned/achieved? I used to think that I said stupid things when I drank, said too much, gave too much of myself away. I also put the mischievious childish thoughts solely at the feet of the booze.


Sobriety = Insanity

Posted: February 1st 2012

I had been toying with the idea for the last few months of 2011. They were emotionally tough months. Alcohol was a good friend. It stopped the thinking for a few hours and it was nice to have a rest. I think way too much you see and that is why sobriety = insanity. If I gave up forever, I would fall at a much earlier age than my female elders have before me. I don't want to be hiding my poo in fruit bowls at 50. I don't particularly want to at 80, but I accept that my genes are that way inclined.