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Last chapter on earth

Posted: May 26th 2014

It has been two months since my Angel girl crossed the bridge and now it is time to tell the story of her final weeks on earth. Betty came into my life when I desperately needed an angel. She looked after my soul for 15 years. On Jan 29th 2011 she was diagnosed with diabetes. Just a few months after my heart had been so trashed by the rascal. Her illness gave me focus and priority. I injected her with insulin every 12 hours for two years.

Her acromegaly diagnoses on August 13th 2012 devastated me. But I never gave up, despite the poor prognosis. I found a drug trial at the RVC and in Jan 2013 Betty became the star pupil on the trial, entering complete diabetic remission. We continued to visit the RVC monthly for her tests and injections and she continued remission. She did develop a common side effect of her drug and that was diarrhoea. We kept it to a Mr Whippy consistency with an exclusion diet.


The Man of my Dreams

Posted: October 28th 2013

Today I met the man of my dreams. Sadly he is married and out of my league!

Stanley developed Hyperthyroid in the summer. I immediately consulted 'Dr Google' for information, and found that as an alternative to pills, he could be nuked with Radioactive Iodine and potentially be cured. However, to qualify for this treatment, we had to ensure that his hyperthyroid was not masking any renal malfunction. To do this, he had to be stabilised on drugs and then have more blood tests to check his renal function.  


Betty 'star pupil'

Posted: March 5th 2013

Betty had dose 4 last Friday. She also had a CT scan. And we were rewarded when Ruth said Betty is the 'star pupil' because she has shown the best reaction to the drug by going into diabetic remission so soon. The scan was farely unremarkable, but her fructosomine is not only within the normal range, it is' not even at the high end of normal'. Yay!

She was really wobbly for hours after the sedation. But she takes it well, in my presence at least.