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Crisis 2012

Posted: December 30th 2012

So this year I worked Christmas day and the last day (today). I had a wonderful time, but I probably would not choose the last day again - lots of cleaning, and sad goodbyes. I'm not good at goodbyes. I'm not that good at cleaning either. The ladies was left with a rather bubbly soap starred floor!


Camaraderie at Christmas

Posted: December 27th 2011

I feel embarassed when people ask me what I am doing for Christmas. Because when I say I am doing some shifts for Crisis, it feels as though I am asking for some recognition of my philanthropy. The truth is that I get so much more out of doing it than I give. This post is about what an honour it is and how special it makes Christmas.

Two 7 hour shifts are all you are asked to commit to. It really is not a big deal. You can do as much, and get involved as much as you choose. And if it really is not for you, you don't have to stay.


Coping with a diabetic cat at Christmas

Posted: December 6th 2011

All those functions, all those parties, all those old friends wanting to catch up. And I have to be home every 12 hours to administer insulin :(

I've decided I just need to change my mindset, and cut down my use of the snooze button by about 95%. So I am training my brain to associate work travel with work and other travel with fun. I must accept that the efficiencies of combining my commute home with getting the last train after a night of debauchery, are simply not for me.