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Comedy Groupie

Posted: June 26th 2013

I only love vets more than comedians! Most people who know me are aware that I am a bit of a comedy groupie and love getting involved! Last Thursday I went to James Bran's Edinburgh preview show. I have not laughed that much for a long time. A bunch of hilarious haikus, a frenzied interval and a grand finale made one hell of a show.

The grand finale did involve me being on stage! And after the show when James talked about what he had learnt and what he would change before the Edinburgh run, he said he would use 'a less willing volunteer'!

He loved me really.


Fringe Fun and Frolics without PJ's

Posted: August 28th 2012

It started with unneccesary panic. I had decided to drop Betty with Faye, at Pussies Galore Cattery, on the day of my flight. Anu was due at 9.15 to pick me up. Then my sister lost her keys to my house. To be honest, I think she was just so sick of moving that she could not be bothered to search for them (they did turn up a few days later). So in rush hour, well Brentwood rush hour, I sped back from the Betty drop off to post another set of keys, so that Emma could feed my non-insulin dependant furkids.

Of course Anu was late. Anu is always late. So I sat in silence, patiently waiting on my sofa with my coat on, and at 10am we set off. Just after 1pm on Thursday, we landed at Edinburgh airport. There for the last weekend of the Fringe, one of my favourite places to be, and it didn't disappoint.

I have never been anywhere that matches the atmosphere of Edinburgh in August. But it's even better when someone else gets caught up unexpectedly, in your wave of excitement. This year was no exception. After inviting me out for a drink, a friend of mine drove for seven and half hours to join us. This is an excerpt from his post about his adventure: