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Betty 'star pupil'

Posted: March 5th 2013

Betty had dose 4 last Friday. She also had a CT scan. And we were rewarded when Ruth said Betty is the 'star pupil' because she has shown the best reaction to the drug by going into diabetic remission so soon. The scan was farely unremarkable, but her fructosomine is not only within the normal range, it is' not even at the high end of normal'. Yay!

She was really wobbly for hours after the sedation. But she takes it well, in my presence at least.



New heights for Betty

Posted: February 27th 2013

Betty has been off insulin for nearly 5 weeks now. Initially I had to test her BG before food and 2-3 hours after for two weeks. As the results did not exceed the thesholds of 8 and 12 respectively, the tests were reduced to once daily for the next two weeks. Alternating between before and 2-3 hours after food. I did a curve yesterday and her readings were 4.9 - 10.1.


Betty Curve 25/01/2013

Posted: January 29th 2013

Betty's curve on 25/01/2013 shows good control on 1/2IU twice a day. Ruth has told me to take her off the insulin and spot check her glucose each day until I do another curve before Dose 3 on Friday. If it goes above 9, then she may be back on insulin. Last night it was 8.9. Sharp intake of breath...