Betty killed my social life

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Goodbye Dina

Posted: October 17th 2013

June 5th 2013 from Dina: 

I am very sick and not even seeing alot of really close people as I have no strength.I'm sorry Mandy -  you will come but need 2 get my health issues sorted first.hope u understand. D x

Two more emails went unanswered and I waited for her to get well and write back. And then another google search for hope:

 - -- -

Goodbye Dina,

Now the pain has gone and only your energy remains. I look forward to connecting with you somewhere in the universe again x


Full Circle

Posted: April 15th 2013

On the 9th May 2011 I told the story of Betty and how Dina had brought her into my life. I lost touch with Dina for too many years to count, but I have looked for her on social networking sites several times. I assumed I could not find her as she had moved to Amsterdam. We became friends after she chose to confide in me a terrible loss. The sad premature death of her brother Simon. We met at work. I was a surveyor and I looked after St Johns Day Centre in Islington, where Dina was the manager. I never did manage to secure funding for that leaking flat roof.