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My Darling Acrocat

Posted: August 20th 2012

The IGF-1 test indicates that Betty has acromegaly. Devastating news delivered by a vet (Alan) expressing little hope for my girl. He said that the only treatment was radiation therapy and that it had complications and a low success rate. He said he would not put his cat through it. He also said that the only other acrocat that he had treated had to be put to sleep after a few months because the condition made diabetes impossible to control. That is a fact. The excess growth hormone produced by the acromegaly prevents insulin from working. It is likely caused by a cancer of the pituitary gland at the base of the brain.

I didn't sleep all night. I just cried more tears than I have dared for a long long time. This is why I don't cry:


Attractive, not. But this is why I will never give up:


So I researched every day until I found hope.