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Are you looking at my...?

Posted: October 26th 2011

It's a little bit scary knowing that strangers are looking at my site. When I built it I didn't expect much traffic. Just friends and family checking it out and maybe the occasional prospective customer. It's a project to me. A forum for trying new stuff. And a place to express some random thoughts when I feel like ranting.


I Hate F*!$book

Posted: May 24th 2011

I'm not a hater really but I do refer to that satanic place as Fuckbook. Don't get me wrong, it has served me well. I used it to find people that I really wanted to be in touch with, openly and honestly and innocently. Missing family and friends, people that had never been far from my heart, but that I had lost touch with for one reason or another.

I can even turn a blind eye to its use as an ego crutch. I understand why people feel compelled to prove how sexy, happy and fun they are. To leave cryptic messages that entice others to enquire further about their wellbeing, publically, propping up their sense of worth. Todays society is a raunch culture. The images we are taught to aspire to are beyond our reach. They are not real.