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New heights for Betty

Posted: February 27th 2013

Betty has been off insulin for nearly 5 weeks now. Initially I had to test her BG before food and 2-3 hours after for two weeks. As the results did not exceed the thesholds of 8 and 12 respectively, the tests were reduced to once daily for the next two weeks. Alternating between before and 2-3 hours after food. I did a curve yesterday and her readings were 4.9 - 10.1.


Betty Curve 25/01/2013

Posted: January 29th 2013

Betty's curve on 25/01/2013 shows good control on 1/2IU twice a day. Ruth has told me to take her off the insulin and spot check her glucose each day until I do another curve before Dose 3 on Friday. If it goes above 9, then she may be back on insulin. Last night it was 8.9. Sharp intake of breath...


Not one of Gods children

Posted: January 19th 2013

It has taken me a few days to recover and be able to lament the day from hell! Saturday 12th January should have been a good day. I had good plans. My good plans would shake off the January blues. After waiting eagerly for the release of Les Miserables for two months, I had picked VIP seats for the 7pm show. I could not wait. I have seen the stage show 5 times and loved Eponine since I was 15 years old. I used to listen to late night radio until the early hours. I will never forget how Frances Ruffelle's original 'On My Own' touched me.


Less poo and maybe less insulin

Posted: January 15th 2013

The curve I did on 6th January gave a range of 4.0 - 12.1. 4.0 is a bit low for a diabetic. Over the next 4 days I measured every morning and obtained results between 4.3 - 5.2 before insulin. I did another curve on 13th Jan and I've plotted it this time. Not to be outdone by all the wonderful American cat lovers online...


Betty - Dose Number 2

Posted: January 6th 2013

It transpired that my first glucose attempt was accurate and I impressed Gareth and Ruth. They both said it was some feat because it took two of them to test my moody girl! Betty's dose was increased 2IU twice daily and I did another curve a week later. Again her levels were high, 25.6 - 33.8.  Two days later, on the 17th December, she also developed the dreaded diarrhoea. She had tried so hard to bury it, that it got into her paws and I awoke to poo paw prints all over the kitchen. Smart.