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Last chapter on earth

Posted: May 26th 2014

It has been two months since my Angel girl crossed the bridge and now it is time to tell the story of her final weeks on earth. Betty came into my life when I desperately needed an angel. She looked after my soul for 15 years. On Jan 29th 2011 she was diagnosed with diabetes. Just a few months after my heart had been so trashed by the rascal. Her illness gave me focus and priority. I injected her with insulin every 12 hours for two years.

Her acromegaly diagnoses on August 13th 2012 devastated me. But I never gave up, despite the poor prognosis. I found a drug trial at the RVC and in Jan 2013 Betty became the star pupil on the trial, entering complete diabetic remission. We continued to visit the RVC monthly for her tests and injections and she continued remission. She did develop a common side effect of her drug and that was diarrhoea. We kept it to a Mr Whippy consistency with an exclusion diet.



Posted: April 6th 2014

Betty 06/02/1999 - 26/03/2014 on earth, forever in my heart


My angel, my friend, my sugarcat, my acrocat, my spooner, my love, my angel. You will always be with me xXx


Who am I?

Posted: June 12th 2013

This will be one of the most personal posts I have written, but it's ok because nobody reads my blog anyway! Apart from my one subscriber (thanks Mitch x). For the last two weeks I have been soul searching. Trying to answer questions I have never been able to before. Partly because they are so difficult and partly because I don't live life long term enough to need to.


After discussing my current relationship with a friend of 25 years, he said to me 'Mand, whenever we meet, you are always in the departure lounge'.



Posted: May 31st 2013

I feel so lucky right now. Betty had extensive tests last Friday to conclude the drug trilal. Her tumour has shrunk. She will continue to receive her drug on an informal basis. No more BG curves or intermediate trips to Summerdale for blood tests. My fighter girl and me are so lucky. I met the mum of another acrocat, Domino. I'm hoping she will email me. we want to start a UK acrocat club.

Tonight I spent the evening with a friend I have known since I was 18. He made me the most amazing sweet offer of friendship I have ever had. I said no, but my god I feel so loved that he offered.

I'm lucky. Betty is lucky. It's a good day x