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Karma malfunction!

Posted: January 1st 2014

Good things can happen to bad people and bad things can happen to good people. But karma seriously malfunctioned this holiday! Not only did Santa deliver me the no win news on Christmas Eve, I sustained a horrible steam burn serving tea to homeless guests! WTF!


Namibia and a New Hero

Posted: December 20th 2013

I am buzzing with excitement today. I had a phone interview with Dr Matthias Hammer as part of a competition I have entered to win my dream holiday. He is the most amazing man. And I love German people almost as much as I love the Dutch. There is something seductive about both accents. My list of heroes is growing. Dr Hammer has accomplished some amazing achievements and as all who know me are aware, the Namibia holiday makes me dizzy with excitement.

Being inspired by another human being is one of the best feelings there is.


The Namibia Fund

Posted: July 22nd 2012

The Namibia Fund is supposed to be my savings towards my dream holiday:

It actually works as a bit of a slush fund. I have been saving hard for two years and it did reach 50% of target at one stage. But I draw on it everytime I get in trouble or over-socialise my monthly budget. I really want to make it there by 2014 at least. It's my only goal. Then it really will be the year of finding Amanda (TYOFA).

I researched loads before I chose this one and I found out to my horror that there are unscrupulous outfits around that front themselves as wildlife conservationists, but actually get a group of tourists out daily counting the same turtles, and do nothing with the results. Shocking.

The Namibia Fund currently stands at 7% of target. Look forward to a post of stunning wild cat pictures sometime in my lifetime.