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Posted: April 4th 2012

I really should write more technical blogs but as an eternal student, I never feel as though I have anything innovative to say. So imagine my joy on discovering the site below:


My one and only technical blog has been credited! I'm credible. And I'm so excited about it.


Zend Framework Blog

Posted: November 14th 2011

When I decided to learn how to use Zend Framework, I wanted a detailed tutorial to follow. I really wanted to build my own blog. So I googled until I came across a fantastically detailed and well explained online book by Pádraic Brady called Survive the Deep End. Unfortunately, as of writing, it is still incomplete and has not been edited since 2009. So I followed the tutorial as far as it went and then I completed the code to suit my requirements. You are looking at the result so far.


Zend Certified Engineer

Posted: May 16th 2011

I made a big financial sacrifice and committed a huge amount of time to changing career, after 15 years in construction. I was motivated by a need to make something positive come out of my friend Matts death. He was an artist trapped in a surveyors body and I was just rubbish at surveying.

I studied hard and I made it, but I still don't feel good enough. I only have a HND in Computing and I have taught myself all the tools that I use today. So it's a big deal to me to get a bit of paper that says 'She did it, she knows her stuff'. I want to be a Zend Certified Engineer. I need that rubber stamp of approval from the Daddy's of PHP.

So I did the certification course for three days in Leeds last week. I overcame my total fear of eating out alone (well almost, I did it in the hotel every night, even though the food was rank!). I met an inspirational man, who has educated himself and worked really hard to forge a career in Scotland after moving here from Turkey. Murat the MAMIL! doing 10 big cycle rides in 2011 to celebrate turning 40.

My exam is booked for mid June. If I pass, I get a badge for my website.